We have summed up, on this page, standardized Frequently Asked Questions. However, we invite you to check this page regularly as it will evolve with time and just like good wine will improve with time!

  • What are HUFA's?

    Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (HUFA) are a subcategory of unsaturated fatty acids (FA) which contain 20 or more carbon atoms and multiple double bonds. Common HUFA encountered in fish nutrition are EPA and DHA, both omega-3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA are essential for fish health. These HUFA must either be obtained in the fish’s diet, or made through the conversion of other FA such as Linolenic Acid—although not all fish are capable of this or efficient at the process, making incorporation in the diet important. Studies suggest that fish benefit most from directly consuming the EPA and DHA as evidenced by increased rates of growth and survival. Why don’t you give your fish a HUFA boost by feeding them with our HUFA enriched artemia?

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  • What fish can I feed wafers to?

    Our Algae wafers are specially formulated for herbivorous species such as Ancistrus type of fish. Our Tropical wafers target omnivorous fish such as loaches and catfish. Shrimp wafers are a direct result of the increase in popularity of freshwater shrimps in nano- and planted aquarium.

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  • Why feed wafers?

    The diet of bottom dwelling fish has often been neglected because of the misconception that these ‘cleaners’ eat the leftovers of the feed not picked up by the top dwelling fish. This often results in irreversible damage caused by malnourishment in common species of Corydoras and loaches.

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  • What are wafers?

    Wafers are disc shaped pellets designed to specifically meet the needs of bottom dwelling fish species. They reduce competition with top dwelling fish species at feeding time because they sink quickly to the bottom and are too hard to eat by top dwelling fish. Made from the best ingredients available, the wafers will appeal even to small nibbling species. Unlike flakes, it can take a while before wafers are totally consumed by bottom dwelling fish, which is why they are specially formulated not to cloud the water.

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  • Why should I use the feeding station?

    There are several reasons why one can use the feeding station. For instance it’s a good idea to use is if your tank is equipped with an over flow type set-up. It will reduce the amount of uneaten food going straight into the filter. Competition at feeding time can sometimes be quite fierce in the tank so it’s also a good tool to create a diversion and target the slower moving fish. Any flake can be used in conjunction with the feeding station.

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