General information

The Seaweed Clip is an excellent tool for feeding the "Seaweed Selects" from Ocean Nutrition. In order to keep grazers fit, algae needs to be readily available. The clip is for use underwater and adheres easily to acrylic or glass surfaces thanks to its suction cup. This clip has a stronger and longer gripping surface than other clips on the market. The Seaweed Clip holds the seaweed underwater for the fish to feed upon and helps promote a very natural feeding by allowing fish to pick at the food, little by little, over an extended period of time.

  • Tight grip zone for a better hold.
  • Promotes natural feeding by allowing the fish to pick at their food over an extended period of time.
  • Made in transparent plastic for more discretion.

Packaging details

1025102, Seaweed Clips, pack of 2 pieces

1025110, Seaweed Clips, bulk packaging of 36 pieces


Did you know?

Feeding algae with a Seaweed Clip will encourage natural feeding behavior.

How much food do I need to give my fish?

Once again, fish are opportunistic feeders. However, it isn’t because the fish rise to the surface of the tank each time one walks buy that one needs to feed them. The importance lies in the quality rather than the quantity. Contrary to popular belief, fish don’t need to eat as much as we think and there are several reasons for this. First and foremost fish unlike us don’t need to spend much energy in fighting gravity as they evolve in a three dimensional environment. Second reason is that fish are cold blooded animals and don’t spend any energy unlike us to keep warm. Third reason is that humans spend lots of energy in producing urine fish just produce ammonia. But last and not least, our fish evolve in an artificial environment however large the tank may well be.

How often should I feed my fish?

This is of course the million dollar question. Fish are by nature opportunistic feeders. Meaning that they will feed on whatever they can find. There is no clear cut answer here. A general guideline for feeding flakes and pellets is feed as much as your fish will eat in 2-3 minutes. The key is to feed little but often. This is not only very important for the digestion of fish but also allows the filter to cope easily with any uneaten or undigested food. Wafers on the other hand take longer to be consumed and algae can be grazed upon all day.

Some fish like eating vegetable, is this true?

Correct. Even the more omnivore cichlids will eat some veggies. The key here is to present and prepare the vegetable the right way. Spinach or salad leaves need to be blanched before being placed in your tank. Blanching consist of rinsing under hot water. This process will break the cell walls to allow better digestion. Our Seaweed range offers you versatility and variety all in one. To avoid algae or spinach leaves clogging up filters or overflow pipes we strongly recommend using our seaweed or grid feeding clips. ‘Vegetarian’ fish will graze all day and will feed whenever they want.

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