General information

An all natural, very nutritious supplement for all grazing fish, rich in vitamin C and easily digestible. An optimal food source for marine and freshwater herbivorous fish with softer mouth parts. Enhanced with natural garlic extract for increased acceptance by finicky eaters and improved immune functions. Tear off a piece of seaweed of approximately 5cm by 7cm for the average 200l community tank and place in the aquarium using Ocean Nutrition Seaweed Clip. Allow fish to graze at their leisure. Any large seaweed pieces that break loose and float to the surface should be reattached. Remove any uneaten seaweed after 24 hours.

  • Optimal food source for all species of marine Tangs, Angels, Wrasses and some Butterfly Fish.
  • Brown Marine Algae is a nutritious supplement for all grazing fish, rich in vitamin C and is 100% digestible.
  • This product should be used as a supplement to other food sources.
  • We strongly recommend using seaweed in combination with Ocean Nutrition Formula Foods (Formula One, Formula Two, Spirulina Formula, etc.).


dried seaweed, garlic extract.

Guaranteed analysis

Protein 31.6 %
Fiber 6.5 %
Fat 2.2 %
Moisture 6.8 %

Packaging details

1025010, Brown Seaweed, plastic tray of 12gr

1025015, Brown Seaweed, plastic tray of 30gr (with free Seaweed Clip inside)

1025017, Brown Seaweed, plastic bag of 150gr (50 sheets)


Did you know?

Carotenoids in Brown Marine Algae are called fucoxanthines.

How often should I feed my fish?

This is of course the million dollar question. Fish are by nature opportunistic feeders. Meaning that they will feed on whatever they can find. There is no clear cut answer here. A general guideline for feeding flakes and pellets is feed as much as your fish will eat in 2-3 minutes. The key is to feed little but often. This is not only very important for the digestion of fish but also allows the filter to cope easily with any uneaten or undigested food. Wafers on the other hand take longer to be consumed and algae can be grazed upon all day.

Some fish like eating vegetable, is this true?

Correct. Even the more omnivore cichlids will eat some veggies. The key here is to present and prepare the vegetable the right way. Spinach or salad leaves need to be blanched before being placed in your tank. Blanching consist of rinsing under hot water. This process will break the cell walls to allow better digestion. Our Seaweed range offers you versatility and variety all in one. To avoid algae or spinach leaves clogging up filters or overflow pipes we strongly recommend using our seaweed or grid feeding clips. ‘Vegetarian’ fish will graze all day and will feed whenever they want.

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