We have summed up, on this page, standardized Frequently Asked Questions. However, we invite you to check this page regularly as it will evolve with time and just like good wine will improve with time!

  • Why should I feed my fish with frozen feeds?

    There are several reasons why we recommend to use our frozen feeds. The flash-freezing process avoid crystals forming in the prey so the animal does not get damaged by the freezing process. What you get is the prey in its natural form. One thing is for sure, frozen food is the next best thing compared to live food. The freezing process ensures that most of the goodness in the food is preserved. Our range and packaging offers great versatility and variety.

  • Can frozen food go straight in the tank?

    Yes it can. Our products are well rinsed prior to be flash-frozen. Once the frozen animal hits the water it will defrost very quickly and will spread evenly in the tank.

  • What are HUFA's ?

    Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (HUFA) are a subcategory of unsaturated fatty acids (FA) which contain 20 or more carbon atoms and multiple double bonds. Common HUFA encountered in fish nutrition are EPA and DHA, both omega-3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA are essential for fish health. These HUFA must either be obtained in the fish’s diet, or made through the conversion of other FA such as Linolenic Acid—although not all fish are capable of this or efficient at the process, making incorporation in the diet important. Studies suggest that fish benefit most from directly consuming the EPA and DHA as evidenced by increased rates of growth and survival. Why don’t you give your fish a HUFA boost by feeding them with our HUFA enriched artemia?